Dominic at Sunset

Hi, I'm Dominic

I’m an iOS developer and product designer from the midwest, living and studying at the University of Pennsylvania.

I like rainy days, MBMBaM, and good caffeine — ideally all three :)

I’m interested in creating quality products that respect their user’s time, health, and right to privacy.

If that sounds like something you do — let’s get in touch.


Penn Mobile

I led Penn Mobile to improve student life at Penn, one open laundry machine at a time.


I'm building Prynt to solve digital fragmentation, in the age of 1000 profiles.


I designed Slingshot Mobile to bring Raven’s existing capabilities into the mobile age..

Revive Fitness

I built Revive Fitness to revolutionize an existing fitness program, and add value to a client’s gym.



I use Swift, for the native experiences it creates.


I use Xcode with and without IB.


I use Sketch for designing assets.

Adobe XD

I use Adobe XD for interface layouts.

Let's build something.

Contact me directly, or find me on Github.